Access Ext store by id

Today I needed to access the Ext store of a grid, inside a column renderer. That part was easy, as it is a parameter to a custom renderer: function my_renderer( val, meta, record, rowIdx, colIdx, store ) { console.log( store ); return val; }But then I realized I needed access »

Photo: Moon over the harbor

Hard to believe, but that is the moon over the harbor, not the sun.  I took this during a beautiful sunrise which was happening behind me.  I love the colors in this photo (there was no post-processing done here)Happy New Year! »

Photo: Kansas in Santa Barbara

Lane Farms, Santa Barbara, CAThe clouds on this day were so captivating, I loved it.  Otherwise I wouldn't have even thought to take this picture as we walked into Lame Farms with my nephew.  It's a fun picture given how the palm tree is standing awkwardly out of »