Usability fail: preventing user feedback

This one really made me laugh.  I had just filed my taxes on H&R Block online, and decided to fill out their survey at the end (oh how thoughtful of you... no, I had run into an error during the process that had been thoroughly confusing, and »

Website fail: parsing

Memo to Facebook: groups of characters starting with "www." may not be websites!Here was my real life example where I said "awww...a little [something, probably a kitty but I've now forgotten because I clipped the screenshot]" and Facebook decided to hyperlink part of it automatically. Of course it »

Escape HTML tags in Javascript

If you need to display text to a user, you most likely want to escape the string so that HTML is not rendered. This is good practice for security, but also prevents you from mangling or hiding important characters in a string (such as if the user typed "my < »

Cool use for Google Sketchup

Fascinating video from Google's blog, showing how a blockbuster video game's design architect uses Google Sketchup.  I especially like at the end where they show how they combine the same building blocks in clever ways in order to render the levels crisply. »

Facebook UI change

Facebook just updated their comment UI again.. on the news feed, photos, etc they are showing the comment box but even when you put your cursor in the box and start typing, no "Send" button! It's bold. I always just hit enter in forms and login screens, so personally I'm »