Hacking the Amazon Dash Button - Mac OS X Yosemite tutorial

So there has been a lot of buzz lately regarding hacking the Dash button. My friend and coworker, who is a real American hero, wrote a post just yesterday summarizing his genius pizza-dash button integration. Of course original credit still goes to Ted Benson. While hearing about Brody's adventures, I »

Javascript Tests for TextComplete plugin

In a recent project I needed a auto complete plugin that worked in a textarea, and only based on certain keywords / context. What I found was the jQuery TextComplete plugin, which is awesome! I recommend others try it out. What I did not find was automated JavaScript tests for the »

Trying out Ghost blogging platform now

So OctoPress was fine and all.. and I like that it was all in markdown (which makes it nice when doing tech-heavy posts with code blocks). But I also almost never posted once I moved to Octopress. Too much hassle, all from text files and command line, followed by deploys. »