Facebook just updated their comment UI again.. on the news feed, photos, etc they are showing the comment box but even when you put your cursor in the box and start typing, no "Send" button! It's bold. I always just hit enter in forms and login screens, so personally I'm fine with it as it reduces UI clutter that I don't use. But I have painfully watched many users over their shoulders, and they will take that mouse and find the "Send" or "Login" button with no thought of hitting "enter".  I wonder how they will submit comments on photos like below?

Interesting side note: I had text below the box that said "Press enter to send" but now I can't get that text to appear anymore! Perhaps they only show it for a few times per user then they assume you get the idea?  That or the developers removed that text in the past couple minutes of me exploring Facebook.  Do others see it?  If you write a few comments do you find that it goes away?


for me there is always a blue "comment" button or "share" button that appears when i click in one of the text boxes, either for commenting on wall posts, writing on a wall, or commenting on pictures. pushing enter doesn't share anything, it just goes to the next line. i have to push the "comment" or "share" button to post something.