A few weeks ago I wrote about how Apple had made a subtle change to the reception bar graphics on the latest iPhone software update.  Today I discovered something in Snow Leopard's finder app that is even more subtle.

In Finder, the icons next to the Shared devices are detailed down to the black bevel around the screen! I just upgraded from a 2008 MacBook Pro that was all silver, to a shiny new aluminum MacBook Pro with the black screen.  With both devices connected, the icons were slightly different when viewing from my wife's computer.  (Note: OS X 10.5 does not support this, so yet another reason to upgrade to Snow Leopard...)

Given how many bugs and missing features plague finder (why can't you cut and paste a file?), it's a little depressing to think how much time may have gone into making these little icons work correctly.  Apparently the Bonjour protocol is rich enough to pass detailed information not only about the type of device that is being shared (computer), but also the kind of computer (laptop), as well as the line (macbook pro) and even the generation of macbook pro (aluminum unibody with black bevel around screen).