I love free stuff. And I will usually go out of my way to get something for free even if I don't need it. But even this was just too much for me:

At first glance, hey it's a free movie rental.  But wait, first you have to join their fan page on Facebook, so then all your friends know you are a sellout and will publish anything on your profile to get free stuff. That alone was about to stop me, but not quite.   Then, I remembered, "Hey redbox is only a dollar, this may not be worth it."  But then the final straw:

The free rental is only good on exactly a specific day, for just 1 day, and it is a Monday night later this month!  You can't even choose when to use it?  And if you can't watch that Monday night, then you end up paying for a second night and there goes your free rental.  And did I mention that's just to save a buck?