I have jumped on the Apple bandwagon and succumbed to my first ever sign-up-for-a-preorder-on-the-first-day for a new product. I currently have an iPhone 3G, which I love! But I waited until it was out a few months, plus the original iPhone had already been out in the wild for over a year.

The phone will be at the local Apple store on June 24th! The signup process was very smooth. I was impressed with how easy it was to check upgrade eligibility, view my current contract plan with ATT, and even change my data or text plan all from within Apple's online store. One thing I did notice that concerns me: I changed my data plan from unlimited to the 200MB/mo rate, and yet in my confirmation email it said I had an unlimited data plan. We will see how that shakes down when I pick up the phone and sign a new contract with the "iPhone specialist."

I read of many report of Apple and/or ATT's site being down and not being able to order a phone. I did not run into any problems at all, did anyone else?