When you make a nice comment about your wife (who's not in the room), social etiquette says you should expect the response from others to be something like:
- "Awwww, that's so sweet!"
- "I totally agree!", or maybe even
- "That's nice. Now back to the topic at hand..."

Apparently Facebook is immune to the standard social etiquette "guidelines" that we may have come to expect out in the real world. A few weeks ago I wrote the following about my wife: "I have the greatest wife ever!" She had just surprised me with a really kind act that I knew took sacrifice, but was done out of love for me. I was truly grateful and wanted to express my feelings to the world, so what better place than to broadcast it on my Facebook status!

Apparently some took my statement not as a compliment to my wife, but as a challenge or perhaps an accusation against other males out there who have great wives. The only response I got that day about my status was this: