I read a very interesting post by Raymond Chen (engineer/manager at Microsoft), who, by the way, always has entertaining and insightful posts as well as very applicable and intelligent technical postings about C++/win32 programming. (The Old New Thing)

Anyway, his post is on how we could reduce the use of gas-guzzling SUVs if we held them to the same standard as [commercial] trucks. He argues for this because the car companies classify SUVs as trucks as a way to get more lenient CAFE regulations. But then on the roads they are treated as cars, and allowed to go the full speed limit, drive in the left lane, etc. Obviously his article is more satirical than serious, but it has some interesting points. What's more interesting probably, is all the responses he got from people that thought it was a ridiculous idea and basically a lot of folks defending the SUV. It's like driving big cars is a simple of American pride, one that we can bear to lose. I know the government is working towards solutions (including Energy Independence Act, but what would be so bad about further regulating SUVs and making it less convenient for everyday people to drive them?)
Here is his article: http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/2008/07/21/8760130.aspx