I wish I knew the answer to that. The last couple years in college I was always busy. Even during breaks, over summers and Christmas vacations, my time was taken up doing this or that. At one point I went close to 2 years without taking more than a week off from work or full time school. That's as a 20 and 21 year old! I figured that once I graduated, I would be working one 40 hour-a-week job and that would leave me with 128 hours a week! Say 49 of those hours would be sleeping, that still gives me 79 hours. Factor in 2 more hours a day for eating and preparing meals, and that puts me to 65 hours. 65 hours to do what ever I want! No papers, no homework, no tests to study for. That seems like a ton of time. Well it turns out I didn't factor in that each week usually consumes more than 40 hours of work, and there's the transportation to and from that add to it. Then you calculate in cleaning up the kitchen after meals, doing paperwork and paying bills, taking showers and the fact that you want 8 hours of sleep when you are working everyday. Now it is down to around 46 hours. By my calculations, about 28 of those hours would be during the weekend. So that gives you about 3.6 hours of "free time" every day. How are you suppose to get much done in life, with only 3.6 hours a day? A lot of that you want to spend vegging, some days you go to bed early. Life is short, there's so many opportunities out there. In my next post I will explore techniques to take advantage of those hours, and to get more out of each of your days.