As I reflect on my life and consider what it currently consists of, I think about how I want to write, draw, and photograph. Right now I am a software engineer, sitting in front of a computer for 8 or more hours a day. It's not a bad job at all, and I am learning a lot. But other than the numerous emails sent back and forth each day and the occasional technical document to create or edit, there is little writing and no creative writing to speak of. The most drawing that I have done at work in the past couple months has been diagrams representing pointers and allocated memory of various data structures. So no drawing either. Then of course there is photography, which I thoroughly enjoy yet have never studied. There's no need to convince any of you that I do not engage in photography at work.

Now if you aren't doing all the things that you love while at work, you should be pursuing those activties and perfecting your skills in your free time, right? That's what I figured. But I don't draw, I hardly photograph, and I write even less. This blog is an attempt to get back to my creative writing ways, actually. You can't become a good writer if you don't write. If I want to write a book or provoking essays down the road after I've actually experienced something worth writing about, it won't be worth reading if I don't practice now. And besides, even young and unexperienced writers can produce something good every once in a while.

So as an unofficial new years resolution I have decided to pursue my hobbies more. I already do some programming outside of work (so I admit, I enjoy working with computers for some reason), but I wanted to get back to my creative and artistic side. Not that computer programming can't be artistic and creative, but that's a topic for another day.

Why do people make new years resolutions anyway? I would like to reflect on that tomorrow.