Ever have those days where you swear the world is against you? Or at least that several different people or groups are all collaborating to make your day harder to get through? For me it is almost always when driving that I come to this assumption. Some of my biggest pet peeves have to do with incapable drivers. There seems to be an over abundant supply of them in Santa Barbara, too.

  • Merging onto the freeway - if I am merging onto a freeway and the middle lane is open, I expect that drivers coming up in the far right lane would either: slow down, speed up past me, or switch to the middle lane. That would allow me to safely merge onto the freeway and for them to keep going at a reasonable and safe rate. When I try to merge and some oblivious or intentionally spiteful driver decides to keep the same pace as me and not change lanes even though it is totally open, I become annoyed at a time when I need my concentration to try avoiding a 55 mph collision.

  • Stop signs - all too often I get to a stop sign with two other cars facing different directions and the following happens. I am the last to arrive. As car A pulls through the intersection, it only makes sense that car B will then also go through the intersection, seeing how it is his/her turn. But no, they will remain stopped and hesitating. As wasted seconds go by, they will either finally go for it, or wave me on. You were there first, get it right!

  • Round-a-bouts - I don't think I have to go into much detail here. Most people do not know how to use them. Every entrance into the circle is a yield. If you don't remember what the traffic laws are for yielding, go to your local DMV and grab a driver's training study guide (page 19 in case you were wondering). Once in the circle, you have the right of way, so don't stop at each entrance to the circle. And don't let other cars in. As you enter the circle, don't expect others to stop for you. But if no one is coming, don't stop! It's not that hard. Yet there is one round-a-bout in Santa Barbara that I have come so close to getting hit or running into someone because of a stupid and illegal move.

  • Going slow in the left lane

  • Pulling out right in front of you and then thinking its ok to not accelerate at all so that you've not only slammed on your breaks, but are now going 50% slower than before

Those are just a few that come to my mind right now. Basically I want all drivers to have to take another driving test, and a comprehensive road rules and etiquette course, before being allowed back out there. I think we have more chance of Bush being elected to a third term than that happening though.