Detect a click outside a DOM element

It's too bad that Javascript / DOM events do not give you a hook for detecting when there is a click outside of an element. One way you can do this is to listen for clicks on the entire page, then check whether the target was on your element or not. »

Quickly set a timer on your computer

This is mostly for my own reference, but others may find it useful:If you have QuickSilver on your Mac, you can set a timer that will put large text on your screen after a set amount of time..  good for easy reminders that don't involve a calendar event. »

Usability fail: don't require unnecessary work

When filling out a form, there usually are too many questions, so when I see a long-winded question that is completely unnecessary, that causes me frustration.  Especially given the time it took to fully parse the question and two answers.The "what type of bike commuter are you" question »

Usability fail: hiding information

My wife loves  I agree they do a good job of having a clean, simple website geared completely towards baby / registry / infant stuff.  They have her hooked.  But one thing absolutely drives me crazy and has more than once slowed me way down and I »